this is incredible. starving. insatiable. yes, this is love for the first time.

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Getting To Know You:
I'm a self-professed dork of the highest regard. I love music, movies, cooking, squishy babies and pretty much all things fandom. I have an obsessive love for TV and I'm past the point of being ashamed of it. Almost. I'm currently splitting my time between building a career in cake decorating, lending a helping hand in the fast-rising career of my best friend, and leading a double-life as an online TV blogger whose sarcasm and squee-ish-ness know no bounds. I am long-winded, rambly and generally ridiculous in my long list of quirks.

RYAN: "Sometimes I think you talk just to make sounds."
SETH: "Sometimes I do."

And that about sums it up. It accounts for long, rambly entries in this journal that seem to never end. And that having been said, if you want to learn more about me... just read the journal request to be friended and you'll unlock the key to the rambly journal. It's pretty cut & dry about what a geek I am.

A Few Of My Favorite (And Least Favorite) Things:


- Butterflies. Like, whoa.
- Indie/Emo music... the real kind, not like what the scene kids listen to.
- Candles. Lots and lots of candles.
- Nicholas Sparks books
- Hockey. Like, whoa. Specifically: Dallas Stars, LA Kings, Detroit Red Wings, NY Rangers
- The zamboni. It's my favorite part. Hee.
- The Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets. But really, if you gave me Yankees tickets I'd go and root for them. I really don't care that much.
- John Lennon. He was everything, and the world is lacking without him.
- Macaroni & Cheese. Kraft Dinner is love.
- Michael Vartan. Hi, be my husband? Seriously. *drools*
- Jennifer Garner & Michael Vartan. Together. As one adorable entity. On this, I will not relent.
- Photography. Especially randomly cropped/focused pieces.
- Bubble Baths. They make everything better. And go well with the candles.
- Olympic figure skating. More specifically, Jamie Sale & David Pelletier. Sex on ice, dude.
- Bob Dylan. "Just Like A Woman" is the greatest song. SIGH.
- Babies. The kind that don't yet walk or talk.
- Television Without Pity. I don't think I would have survived the series without the weekly sarcastic wit and hilarity that was Erin Dailey's Alias episode recap.
- Rupert, my lovely computer.
- Lena Olin <3 Spy!Mommy makes *everything* better.
- Broadway. Les Mis, RENT, Wicked, The Last 5 Years, Spamalot, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Avenue Q, etc <3
- My eyemask and earplugs. I forget how to sleep without them.
- The cool guy who dances the tango with a life-size puppet of a woman in the subway terminals. Hee.
- Will Chase. If you missed him in RENT, you missed one of the defitions of the word "amazing" - for definition number two, see "Antonique Smith" <3
- Antonique Smith. She's about to blow your mind with her talent. Be prepared.
- Sleeping. My favorite thing to do in the world. Seriously, it's a hobby.
- My iPod. It's like my third arm, I can't be apart from it. Bad things happen.
- My little sister, Emily - the blessing of my life.
- My best friends: Tracee & Niquey, my soul sisters for life ♥
- New York City. Everything about it. Including the ever-efficient subway system!
- LJ icons. Seriously, I have an unhealthy obsession. Just look at my collection.
- The new BMW X5. I want that thing so badly, it's sick.
- Rubber Ducks. They're cute, they're funny, and it's fun to say "rubber duck" :-p
- The French language - especially when Vartan is speaking it.
- Rachel Bilson & Adam Brody. If they break up, I may cry. Damnit. I didn't cry, though.
- Dr. Pepper. I literally crave it. It's an addiction.
- Pyjama Pants. I wear them about 75% of my life, I'm sure...
- Cirque du Soleil. So fucking amazing. And the best job I ever had.
- The word "fuck" and any other variation of it.
- Solitude. I enjoy being a loner.
- Kelly Clarkson. I want to be her best friend.
- My job. It's way cooler than yours, no matter what you say.
- Way too much TV...


- Sweet Tea
- Prostitots
- Professor Wallace. Fucking condescending ass.
- Toddlers and children. Shut up. And go away. Plsthnxkbye.
- Scene Kids. Oh. My. God. Get your own personality.
- Elistist people who think it's cool to not watch TV.
- People who say, "It's just a show!" in response to my fandom spazzing.
- The smell of freshly cut grass
- Talking/noise of any kind whilst I'm watching a show or movie
- Pork Chops. They're just disgusting. Don't ever make me eat that shit.
- Hockey. Specifically, the strike. More specifically: Colorado Avalanche, Buffalo Sabres, San Jose Sharks, and (I LOATHE.) the New Jersey Devils
- Mornings. We hate each other and I refuse to acknowledge their existence.
- John Wells. Fucked up both ER *and* The West Wing. He's TV poison.
- People who hover/linger without a purpose
- Ben Affleck a.k.a. Monkey Face Douchebag a.k.a. The Hobo a.k.a. Asslick
- Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck. Ew. They make me throw up a little.
- Mischa Barton's non-existent acting talent
- David Duchovny. Egotistical, arrogant bastard.
- Noah Wyle. See above.
- Fangirls who actually do belong in a psych ward. There's a line between normal fan and scary fan. Let's try not to cross it, mm-kay people?
- Hypocritical/judgemental people with closed minds.
- Lack of privacy/quiet/alone time. My house is fucking Grand Central Station. ROAR.
- Bad grammar/spelling. IT'S NOT THAT DIFFICULT, PEOPLE!


Current Life Lyrics:

i was a dumb punk kid with nothing to lose
and too much weight for walking shoes
i could have died from being boring

--Patrick Park, "Something Pretty"--

i barely have the motivation
they say i suffer from a lack of seratonin synapses
they happen too infrequently for me
to be functioning properly
i took the pills, i took the advice
the panic stopped, but still I'm not right
racing thoughts and wasting time
it's the same old storyline

--Motion City Soundtrack, "Modern Chemistry"--

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